Hair Colour Correction

Colour Correction Specialists In Bathgate, West Lothian

If a home hair dye has gone disastrously wrong, or you’re disappointed with the results of a colour service from another salon, don't worry!  Help is at hand!  The highly trained colourists at our Bathgate hair salon can provide you with an exceptional hair colour correction service.

We are the hair colour experts in Bathgate.  Our years of training allows us to fully understand how hair colour products will react with your hair.  We have the knowledge and techniques available to cope with even the trickiest correction, restoring your hair's colour whilst maintaining optimum condition. 

It can be tempting to try a quick fix for a hair colour disaster, but this can sometimes make the problem worse.  It’s important to seek the advice of professionals as soon as possible, so book a consultation with one of our experts.  We will assess the damage to your hair and work out an action plan to restore it. Call us on 01506 357 831 to book an appointment.

Please Note: All new colour guests must have a patch test at least 48 hours before their hair colour appointment to check for allergy. Although our colour is gentle and up to 96% naturally derived, some guests can still have an allergy. The patch test lasts up to 6 months, and won’t have to be repeated if having regular hair colour services with us.

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Aveda Vegan Hair Colour Products

At Jordan Alexander Hair Salon we use top-quality hair colour products by internationally renowned brand, Aveda.  These high performing vegan products combine the power of nature and science to deliver exceptional vibrancy and long-lasting results.   Aveda products are at least 92% naturally derived and they are cruelty-free, so you can use them with a clear conscience.  They are sustainably produced, manufactured using wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.

Common Hair Colour Problems

If you're worried about a hair colour disaster, don't be afraid to give us a call!  Our colour technicians have seen it all when it comes to hair colour problems, including over bleached hair, drab flat tones, stripey highlights and even tinges of green.  We have the skills and knowledge to correct the problem and achieve beautiful results.  Common issues include:

Blonde hair that looks too brassy:  We can correct brassy hair colour by using products to correct and neutralise yellow or orange tones.

Hair colour that's too dark and flat:  We can add multi-tonal low-lights to change the depth of your hair colour or highlights to lighten your hair colour.

Hair that's dry and frizzy after colouring:  Hair can become brittle if it is not treated with care during the colouring process.  At Jordan Alexander Hair Salon we recommend Aveda's Botanical Repair treatment.  This plant-powered bond-building treatment is formulated for all hair types and textures, making hair stronger, shinier and full of life.  It counteracts the damage caused by the chemical products and restores the strength and softness of your hair.    We also offer a wide range of hair treatments which can restore your hair to peak condition.

Home balayage gone wrong:  Balayage is a technical hair colouring service that's best left to the professionals.  If you've tried it at home and the colour hasn't turned out anything like that shown on the box, please book in for a consultation.  Depending on the problem, you may need highlights, lowlights or a colour gloss to blend in any harsh colours, or a toner to offset unwanted brassy shades.

Complete Hair Colour Transformations

If you want to totally change the existing colour of your hair, it’s rarely simply a case of applying a new shade.  Changing from black to blonde hair, for example, will take you on a hair colour journey. Call us on 01506 357 831 to book a complimentary consultation and we can advise you whether a colour cleanse service will be required to ensure your new colour will take correctly, and how many steps there will be along the way to reach your desired result.   

Colour Correction Appointments At Jordan Alexander In Bathgate

Whatever your colour requirements, seek professional advice from the experts at our hair salon in Bathgate.  Book your free colour correction consultation  and we’ll assess your hair and advise you of your options.  Call us on 01506 357 831 to make an appointment.