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Hair Colour At Jordan Alexander Hair Salon Near Edinburgh

If you are looking for the best hair colour salon in Bathgate, look no further than Jordan Alexander.   We are experts at creating beautiful bespoke hair colours for both men and women using colours from internationally renowned brand Aveda.

Our highly trained team offers a wide range of services including highlights, tinting, balayage, fashion colours and more.  We offer in-depth hair colour consultations at which we will discuss your hair goals, assess your hair, chat about your hair routines and lifestyle, then come up with the perfect bespoke look that will work for you.

We're proud to be an Aveda hair salon.  Aveda hair colours are up to 96% naturally derived from plants and non-petroleum minerals.  They are cruelty-free and ethically produced whilst still offering outstanding results.  The colours are fade-resistant and condition your hair, leaving it with a radiant shine.   They can be blended and customised so you can be sure we can help you find your perfect new look.

We have three colour systems within Aveda which allow us to colour different hair types and textures from Caucasian hair to Asian and Afro-Caribbean hair types. Unlike pre-blended formulas, each system contains individual hair colour components that empower hair colourists to create specialised formulas for every guest.

Please note: All new colour guests must have a patch test at least 48 hours before their hair colour appointment to check for allergy. Although our colour is gentle and up to 96% naturally derived, some guests can still have an allergy. The patch test lasts up to 6 months, and won’t have to be repeated if having regular hair colour services with us.

The Best Hair Colour Services Near Me






Highlights & Lowlights

Traditional foil highlights and lowlights are very popular colour techniques at our Bathgate salon.   They can be used to create stunning multi-tonal shades, adding texture and dimension to your hair.

You could choose a full head of highlights, which is a good choice if you regularly wear your hair up, or want to ensure you have an even colour throughout your hair.  Alternatively, a half head of highlights will ensure the top and sides of the hair are covered and can be a useful top-up between full head highlights.  Foils can be applied to the head uniformly or scattered across the hair to achieve your desired look.

A tint with scattered foils is a further option, which gives a more subtle highlighted or lowlighted look. Ask your hair colour specialist to suggest the most suitable colours for you.

Born To Be Blonde

Nearly all of us have wondered at some point: should I go blonde?  Blonde hair looks classic and  timeless, and with a growing spectrum of blonde shades to choose from, there's sure to be one that will allow you, too, to have more fun!

Whether you’re dreaming of platinum, golden, or caramel shades, going blonde from a darker colour is a journey.  The amount of time taken to achieve your dream blonde will vary depending on your starting colour and the number of shades you wish to lift from your hair.  

Book in for a complimentary hair consultation, and we'll assess your hair and talk you through the steps to reach your goal.  Rest assured, we'll make sure we keep your hair looking gorgeous throughout.

Beautiful Balayage & Ombré

Some of the most requested colour styles at Sanctum are ombré and balayage.  The word balayage comes from the French meaning ‘to sweep’.   It is  a free-hand technique where the hair colour is applied by hand-painting it directly onto your hair.  Your experienced colourist will add the colour to the areas of your hair which are naturally accented by light to give your hair a bespoke, sun-kissed look.

Ombré is a slightly bolder look, which is often confused with balayage.   Your stylist will apply different colours to different ends of your hair for a more distinct, two-toned hair colour.  Ombré is a great way to choose natural-looking colours while still creating an eye-catching look.

Find out more about our balayage and ombré services by clicking here.   Book a complimentary hair consultation and we can discuss colours which would work well with a balayage or ombré look for you.

Gorgeous Red Heads

The warm tones of red hair can really brighten up your complexion and draw attention to your eye colour.  Red hair always makes a statement, and there's a shade for everyone, not just the brave! 

Aveda's hair colour range offers red colours ranging from subtle pinks to coppers and vivid poppy reds.  Whether you want to enhance your existing red locks or add some red highlights for warmth and dimension, speak to the expert colourists at Sanctum can make red work for you.

Be Your Best Brunette

It's not true that blondes have all the fun!  We offer a wide range of sophisticated brunette shades and subtly different tones, from mahogany, chocolate brown to chestnut and much more.  If you want to bring out the best in your brown hair, speak to your Jordan Alexander colourist about the best brunette colours and techniques to choose.

Hair Colour Correction

If you’ve had a home hair dye disaster, or you simply don’t like your new hair colour, we’re here to help at Jordan Alexander Hair Salon.  Our highly trained colourists know exactly how to restore your hair to its best self.  

It can be tempting to try and solve the problem yourself, but this can often make it worse.  We’d recommend that you call the professionals at our salon on  01506 357 831 so that we can start to plan your journey to hair colour recovery.  Find out more about our hair colour correction service here.

Hair Repair Treatments

Aveda's hair colour range is designed to be gentle on your locks, but whenever you are processing your hair, it comes under strain.   To keep it in peak condition and lock in your vibrant hair colour for longer we recommend adding Aveda's new Botanical Repair Bond Strengthening Treatment to your colour service.

Botanical Repair uses a plant-powered bond-multiplying molecule to penetrate the inner cortex of the hair, strengthening the bonds and repairing it from within.   The result is strong, shiny hair that feels soft to touch.  Find out about our full range of Aveda hair treatments here.

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Ready to transform your hair colour?  You can book your appointment and complimentary consultation by calling us on 01506 357 831.  We look forward to helping you on your colour journey.