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At Jordan Alexander Hair Salon in Bathgate we offer the very best men's hair cuts and colours in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Our team of experienced hairdressers are fully trained in precision barbering techniques and can offer you tailored advice on the latest men’s hairstyles to suit your personality and lifestyle.  We offer classic men's haircuts as well as creative modern looks and will make sure you leave the salon with the perfect style for you. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick tidy up or a complete re-style, call us now on 01506 357 831 to book an appointment.  

If you're not sure which style will suit you best, or perhaps you're stuck in a rut with a look you've had for years, then talk to your Jordan Alexander stylist, who'll be happy to help.   We can also help blend in any grey you might prefer to cover and help to disguise thinning hair as well as tame unruly locks.

For more inspiration, take a look a the popular men's hairstyle ideas below.

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Classic Men's Haircuts

The 'short back and sides' remains the most popular classic hairstyle for men today, and with good reason.  This neat and tidy hairstyle is usually short on top and tapered down the sides but it doesn't fade so much that you see the skin.

If you want to add a modern twist to this classic gents' hairstyle, we can tailor it to your needs.  For example, adding texture to the top of your hair opens up a number of new looks.  You could choose to wear it slicked back with a side parting for a smart look for work or tousle it to transform it into a more 'messy' style for evenings and weekends.  

Talk to your stylist about the best products for your hair type and hairstyle so you can keep it in tip-tip condition. Not sure what to do with your hair?  Book a consultation by calling us on 01506 357 831.

Fades & Disconnected Hairstyles For Gents

Sometimes known as a taper fade or skin fade, this is a modern and stylish look that's popular with men of all ages.  It comes in a variety of forms and, as the name suggests, the hairstyle 'fades' from the crown down to the neck.  Depending on your personal style, you could choose a very close fade where you can see the skin or simply your hair clippered to your desired length. 

To create a fade your stylist will use clippers to blend your hair from the crown, so it becomes shorter at the nape of the neck, fading to your chosen length. 

A fade can be combined with whichever hairstyle you would like and it's up to you how long you want your hair to be on top.   It could be short and neat or longer and quiffed if you prefer.  A fade combines well with preppy haircuts, slicked-back styles or pompadour looks.

Disconnected hairstyles are another variation on a fade, where there is a clear disconnect between the hair on top and the hair on the sides - with long hair on top and very short hair or skin showing at the sides.

Hair Colour For Men

Whether you want to add extra interest to your new haircut or perhaps cover grey hair, our colour technicians can create the perfect hair colour to suit your needs. 

At Jordan Alexander Hair Salon we use top-quality hair colour products by the internationally renowned brand, Aveda.  These high performing vegan products combine the power of nature and science to deliver exceptional vibrancy and long-lasting results.   Aveda products are at least 92% naturally derived and they are cruelty-free, so you can use them with a clear conscience.

There’s more information about our hair colour services here.    Why not book a complimentary hair colour consultation to find out more about your options? 

Please Note: all clients must have a skin test at least 48 hours before their first colour appointment at the salon. 

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At Jordan Alexander in Bathgate, we aim for all our clients to leave our salon looking and feeling fantastic.  To book your appointment, please call 01506 357 831.