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Our Story

"We believe every moment should be a moment of wellness"


This journey began with an idea for a new type of salon experience.

Offering a high-end, luxury yet approachable vibe - I wanted a better experience for both sides of the chair.

Over the last 5 years we have cultivated a community within our space. The salon space was curated to be a safe space; allowing you to  feel an essence of coziness for those who wish to relax and unwind, as well as for those who would like to use the space as a quiet time to be productive. Your comfort is our number one priority as we navigate your hair journey together. 

Leaning on the years spent as an stylist, manager, holistic therapist and now owner - I believes that education is the key to flawless hair. I believe in building trust in our craft by educating you - our guest - throughout the process and teaching how to maintain not only the health of the hair and scalp, but maintain your style.

Our Artists focus on catering each service to our guests lifestyle, maintenance schedule, and personal preference. We believe that everyone can and should feel beautiful. The definition of beauty is highly individual and personal, and should be self-determined and respected by others.

"Where hair becomes art" is another our mantras, but its not just a catchy phrase, it is at the core of our values and beliefs here in our salons. We focus on growing the the art, science, and creativity of our craft. 

For almost 5 years, Jordan Alexanders has been one of the Bathgate's most beloved hair salons and now we are excited to be in our new flagship salon here in the up and coming area of Leith Walk, in Edinburgh. We know this is one of your favourite days – and that your time here is a rare moment to make it all about YOU. Let us help you make your favourite day special and enjoy your moment of self-care and wellness. 

Read the REVIEWS, browse our website, visit us on social media – or just come on in and take a tour. You’re going to love it here – we guarantee it.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in providing our guests with a customised guest experience that will leave you feeling confident not just in your new look but also in your every day hair routine.

Our Craft

We aren't just a salon where guests can get their hair cut and coloured - we go beyond just giving beautiful hair.

Instead, we help unlock your best self with beautiful products, services and practices that abide by our "No Harm Mantra".

This is our promise and dedication to respect the health of the mind, body, planet and animals. This involves tapping into our guests senses to achieve the best treatment possible, while ensuring no ethical compromise along the way.

Our Salon

Experience the ultimate vegan and sustainable salon. As Keune ambassadors, we exclusively offer their cruelty-free range. Our renowned team guarantee a fantastic experience. Enjoy personalised solutions by expert stylists, colour specialists, and barbers accompanied by complimentary luxury rituals.

With our eco-friendly practices, we minimise our environmental impact. Leaving you feeling refreshed, confident, and beautiful - knowing you’ve made a positive impact.

Salon Tour

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